Book 1 of the Terracolina Trilogy

Book 2 Coming Soon!


A forest is being devoured, a magical garden smothered, the adults too busy to notice. Can one quiet boy save them from disaster?

Thomas Smithers is drowning in loss. Grappling with the death of his Grandpa, the twelve-year-old sinks into despair. The solitary boy is stunned when he finds an old note from Grandpa outlining plans for the two of them to save their favorite forest from a vicious parasite.

Sneaking away on a school day, Thomas hopes to tackle the problem but instead discovers a magical world that he yearns to share with Grandpa, if only…. When its inhabitants are attacked, he realizes he is the key to their salvation but battles with his loyalties, fearful for both worlds.

Can Thomas save this magical world and still protect his cherished forest, or will saving one mean the extinction of the other?

Terracolina is the uplifting first book in The Terracolina Trilogy’s middle-grade magical realism series. With talking plants, a telepathic gardener, and a nymph-like girl who speaks in rhymes, all discoverable through a portal, you will love this “soothing and enchanting” world. Buy now, and read before Book 2, Esperando – Chasing Hope, comes out this spring.

Editorial Reviews

“…an enchanting and thought-provoking read that will appeal to readers of all ages. It is a tale of adventure, bravery, and the importance of finding one’s own path. The book encourages readers to believe in themselves and to understand that everyone has a unique role to play in making the world a better place. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves a good story and cares about the future of our planet. Jeyran Main Editor-in-chief – Review Tales Magazine

“This is a lovely story of a young person discovering how much influence he has over his world, finding the balance between the fantasy world and the real world where he can escape to one, but must live in the other…. His transformation to confidence is heartwarming, and the reader is rooting for him throughout.” — Mavis Williams author of Love Like the Dickens

“I love the way you describe Thomas’s experiences in nature. It’s incredibly vivid and magical.” — Eliza Turjian, Editor, Bookseller