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Carla and Richard Kessler
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arla Kessler’s author journey began in elementary school, where she immersed herself in the world of her beloved fantasy characters—those heroic figures destined to save the world. From there, she transitioned to actively participating in civil rights protests during her high school years. She discovered her true source of empowerment as a teacher, nurturing the minds of the next generation through the transformative mediums of music and writing.

A cellist, passionate gardener, and writer, Carla aspires to ignite the same fervor in those embarking on a similar journey. Dive into the enchanting tale of Terracolina, where fanciful creatures and vibrant plants empower a young Thomas to create a meaningful impact in his real world.

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Richard Kessler loved to draw as a child but didn’t take it on as a career. Instead he toggled between music and chemistry in college and music won, ultimately leading to a doctorate and a professorship in piano. When the opportunity to join the tech world arose, he changed course as a systems engineer (keeping music and art by his side) until his retirement. His love of technology and art made the perfect formula for becoming an illustrator. View his journey with watercolor at www.kessleronart.com.

Richard and Carla continue to play music together and enjoy working as a team. 

The Woods and Garden That Inspired Carla